Initial Assessment & Counselling Session  £45

image-e 800This consists of collecting relevant personal details and an assessment of psychological position using the Adler18 assessment questionnaire (the Adler18 Assessment questionaire was kindly made available to us by The Adlerian Society of Wales). Once your assessment information has been submitted and your payment received a trained assessor will carefully look at your responses and assign you to an appropriate counsellor.The counsellor will email you through the Mind Wellbeing site and you will be able to begin your initial Counselling session. However, If the counsellor feels that this type of counselling is not appropriate for you*, they will discuss this with you and sign post you to other organisations that may be more suitable. Should you decide to cease your session at this point you will be refunded £35 (the cost of a counselling session). However, if you decide to continue with the initial session to its conclusion, there will be no refund. (Please see our terms and conditions for more information regarding refunds.)

Further Counselling Sessions  £35

After you have completed an initial assessment and counselling session, further counselling sessions are at a fixed price of £35. If you have a number of sessions with us you will be asked to complete an Adler18 assessment questionnaire with each one, this helps us to gauge any movement and progress that the counselling is helping to facilitate. There is no charge for these additional assessments.

Each session or number of sessions you book must be paid for in advance, (including the initial assessment consultation). This way you have complete choice over the number of sessions you feel you need. To pay for further sessions you need to sign in, click on your account and then scroll down to purchase credits where you will receive further instructions.

Payments are through Paypal, which also enables Credit Card Payments.

Mind Wellbeing’s on line counselling service is not suitable for suicidal crisis.
If you are experiencing serious thoughts about taking your own life please do contact either your GP or the Samaritans on: 08457 2090 9090 (You do not have to be suicidal to contact the Samaritans)

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