Terms and Conditions

To use Mind Wellbeing’s on-line counselling service you accept that you have read and agree to all of our terms and conditions.

This on-line counselling service is not really suitable for suicidal crisis. If you have thoughts of taking your own life or seriously harming yourself please contact the emergency services or the Samaritans on:- 08457 2090 9090

At the current time we offer one-to-one counselling to people age 11 or over (Subject to Gillick Competence).

Counselling Agreement

Once you begin counselling with Mind Wellbeing it is very important to maintain regular contact with your counsellor through your theraputic exchanges (session messages). Your counsellor has a duty to respond to your messages within 48 hours of receipt. In return you agree to keep regular contact with your counsellor as many times as you like, but at least once every 7 days throughout your session. If you do decide to cancel your session you must notify us at the very beginning of your session to qualify for a refund.*

If you have arranged live messaging sessions the above time restrictions do not apply.

Privacy and Data Protection

Any personal information that you supply to Mind Wellbeing will be treated in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998. Mind Wellbeing’s registration number with the Information Commissioner’s Office is:- ZA061859

When you register with Mind Wellbeing we request personal information about you such as your name, email address and GP details. We also ask for a contact number for emergencies or if we encounter a technological problem with the website and we can contact you in no other way. The information you provide is electronically stored in our secure database.

Mind Wellbeing’s counselling service is confidential. The session conversations between you and your counsellor are stored on our secure database. All information and communications stored on our database are encrypted. Individual counsellors may download PDF transcripts of your conversational messages, but only for therapeutic reasons such as to refer to in the professional supervision of their work. If this is the case they will be kept in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998 and with the ethical framework of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP). Additionally, you will have access to download a PDF of your sessions for future reference, though if you do, please note that you are responsible for ensuring that these are kept in a safe secure place.
If your account remains inactive for more than 30 days we reserve the right to remove it from our database and store it in a password protected PDF file on a back up storage device in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998.

Confidentiality and Security

We will not pass on any information about you to anyone outside Mind Wellbeing’s Counselling service without your express permission, except in exceptional circumstances where there appears to be a serious risk to your own or another’s safety.

It is likely that your conversational messages will contain private and sensitive material that is not intended for widespread dissemination. You therefore agree not to publicise the content of your conversations in either paper or electronic form, such as through social networking sites.

We are professionally and ethically bound to discontinue with counselling if it appears not to be beneficial to you.
A number of issues are inappropriate for on line counselling. If this is the case your assigned counsellor will discuss other options with you and perhaps signpost you to more relevant organisations. If you and your counsellor have discussed that online counselling is unsuitable for you during your initial consultation then we will arrange a refund*. If after purchasing your initial assessment and consultation or subsequent sessions you change your mind before counselling has begun, please let us know as soon as possible so that we can arrange a refund.*

Confidentiality may be compromised if you are using a computer or access device such as an iPad or phone in a work or public place like a library or Internet cafe. It is your responsibility to ensure that that you are in a safe environment that is suitable for online counselling.

We ask you to refrain from using abusive language, we understand the odd word may be used in context, though if it is directed at a counsellor or other staff at Mind Wellbeing we reserve the right to remove your access to the service.

Refunds *

Due to the administrative costs of an initial assessment, for any refunds before counselling has begun in ernest, you will be refunded £35 ( the cost of a counselling session ). There is £10 fee for administration of the initial assessment, but no further assessment fees are payable. Refunds are only available for subsequent sessions where no counselling has begun and you give us notice that you do not wish to begin.

For any further information regarding our terms and conditions please email us at Info@MindWellbeing.co.uk

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